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Since its inception, B-REED has invested in eight clean energy enterprises:

B-REED Investment Summary
January 2005
Village$ 55,000
Operarias$ 27,000
Ceramica$ 144,000
Ascima$ 47,500
Hidroso$ 17,400
Solar Moveis$ 18,333
Ouro Bronco$ 50,000
Carbo Charcoal$ 160,000
Total Investments:$ 519,233

Village, Mato Grosso- Village sells PV powered water pumping irrigation systems on credit to rural customers. The PV powered pumps will irrigate one hectare each of corn and cassava. The pump will allow for multiple harvests of the crops increasing the farmers’ income approximately 10 times.

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Operarias do Mel, Alagoas – Operarias produces bee pollen using solar dryers. For three years, Operarias has been reselling bee pollen produced in other states. By establishing a production facility, the company can produce a higher quality product, employee locals and increase profits.

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Ceramica Bandeiras, Alagoas – Ceramica established a sustainable energy supply. B-REED financing is being used to purchase equipment to improve the efficienty of the biomass sources they currently use and establish a eucalyptus plantation. The biomass resources replace dirty fuels and decrease energy costs for the brick manufacturing company.

Organic Agriculture Cooperative, Ceara – A new organic agriculture cooperative uses PV powered water pumps to irrigate organic produce. The produce is sold to 200 families in Fortaleza. This rural Cooperative/enterprise is creating jobs, increasing family income and reducing urban migration.

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Hidrosol, Alagoas- Hidrosol is the only local company specializing in selling and installing solar water heaters in Algaoas.

Solar Moveis, Alagoas – Solar Moveis manufactures and sells a low-cost, highly efficient solar food dryer for dry fruits and vegetables, grains and meats.
Carbo Charcoal, Parana – B-REED approved a loan to Carbo Charcoal to produce and sell high quality biomass (wood derived) charcoal.

EcoFagao, Minas Gerias- Ecofogão, a start-up located in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, manufactures, distributes and services three models of efficient wood-burning stoves. These stoves use about 50% as much wood as traditional stoves and eliminate almost 100% of smoke emissions via a chimney.